2023 Denver Municipal Election

At Faith in Colorado, we have a vision for Denver centered in human dignity. We commit to creating a Denver that puts its resources into affordable housing, good schools, places to play and recreate like parks and community centers, and health care from the cradle to the grave, including easy access to mental health services.



Where everyone has healthy air to breathe and clean water to drink

Where everyone has housing they can afford

That prioritizes people over profit

With a law enforcement system based in racial equity, restorative justice, and community oversight

Where immigrants are welcomed and cared for


We are proud to endorse for Denver City Council District 9, Shontel Lewis for Denver City Counci District 8, and Mike Johnston for Denver Mayor. 

We are thrilled to announce that the two Faith in Colorado-Endorsed Candidates, Sarah Parady and Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, will be our next At-Large Denver City Council Members! Congrats to Sarah, Serena, and all the candidates who won their races this week or are moving on to a runoff. We look forward to building relationships of co-governance & building a Denver where all people can live with dignity.

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